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Welcome! March 3, 2008

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Hey everyone! This is THE PUFFLE TRIO!

I think that you should know a little bit more about us:

Although we aren’t all related, we’re best friends! (At least we all are except for Cinnamon and Icis who are bickering.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Noodles, and I’m Creamfan2’s puffle! Glad to meet all of you!

Great. I’m Cinnamon, and I’m also Creamfan2’s puffle…..YAY!!!!! Noodles and I are brothers…and best friends most of the time! (Key words: MOST OF THE TIME)

Heyy!<3 I’m Icis and I’m Sweet Sa’s puffle. I WANTED my other bffl Ivy to be a part of this site too, but SOME PEOPLE, *cough cough NOODLES* thought that we should only put the three of us…haha….great. I’m stuck with a bunch of boys. Oh well. I can give this site the girly personality ever site needs! Ily guys!

Well, that’s us! We’re glad that we can get a chance to have our own site now and tell you guys all about our lives. Yay. BUH BYE!